My letter to BENIN and  AFRICA to operate the break for our development: the shout of the heart of the fiftieth anniversary

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My letter to BENIN and  AFRICA to operate the break for our development: the shout of the heart of the fiftieth anniversary




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We can develop, we must develop

Valentin AGON




































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Dépôt legal N° 4943 Quatrième trimester 2010

ISBN: 978-99919-370-6-9






Foreword of Professor Honorat AGUESSY


And I Valentin AGON, who am I?


What is my ideology?


What are my three friends?


What is my permanent challenge?


What is my strength?


What is my vision?




Break at the mental level


Break at the ideological level


Break at the educational level


Break at the level of the perception of other one


Break at the level of the perception of the woman in Africa


Break at the level of perception of the problems


Break at the level perception of the former colonizers


Break at the level of the division of Africans


Break at the level of the perception of the fate of our Africa


Break at the political level


Break at the level of the policy of disorder and indiscipline


Break at the level of the policy of the stomach


Break with the climate of fear and dissension


Break with the so called intruder’s politics


Break with the politics of three fundamental institutions: the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislative in the hands of a single human being in Africa


Total and deep Break with the slavery systems



- The deep reasons of the slavery


- The types of slaveries through time


- individual or mass slavery: the slave trade


- systematic slavery: the colonization


- The slavery of the state power: the dependence of the independence


- The economic and financial slavery: the globalization


- The voluntary slavery: the African youth freely and voluntarily offers itself today in slave in the west


Break with the pierced economy of Benin: ten holes to be blocked


The entrances of money in Benin


The releases of money of Benin


The balance sheet


Areas of solution


Break with the  under development


BREAK with the CFA Franc


BREAK with all policies of help and dependence












The University College of Creations and Inventions (UCCI)


The Pan-African Movement of the Politics of the Development (PMPD)


The Foundation the Destiny of Africa




Poem: oh Africa our homeland!


My various distinctions received for the patented invention API-PALU, the African solution against the malaria, the real tool of development





























The man of action released the concept;

AGON Valentin is for the break.

It is the imperative for the current situation.

This present concept has to serve as rule.

                            Look at the epistemological break!

                             It is, in philosophy, fundamental

                             In the evolution of all that is mental.

                             It is a methodological necessity.

Here is how AGON Valentin understands it.

It is in the development that he settles it.

Valentin air-conditions and displays it there.

He is anxious to take out us of the emolument.

                             Seeing us moaning and toiling as assisted,

                             Seeing us going here and there as deprive,

                             Seeing us behaving as punished beings,

     Shocked and saddened AGON Valentin.

Against the colonial formatting

The eminent researcher wants the responsibility

Against a certain sad mentality,

The man of action proposes a brilliant choice.

                             There raise us for quest and for loan.

                             Until when can continue this training?

                             How not to launch a vivid message?

                            Development needs this convenient act.

Confining us to raw materials,

To want this to be our speciality,

Transform nothing, as by fate,

It is a suicidal mentality!


    Just consuming other person’s products,

                             Consuming only what one does not produce,

                             Is it not organizing one’s own failure?

                             The break has to concern all the products!

The hour has come to become industrialized!

Africa has to transform its products,

Africa has to launch current sectors.

Our development has to be normalized!

                             From now on, let us change our mentality!

                             Let us finance, ourselves, our own industries!

                             Let us know how to introduce everything with maestri

                             Let us break with the order of irresponsibility!

Above all, let us produce what we consume,

And so will appear a responsible world,

Putting an end to a pitiful order!

Then, let us consume what we produce.

                             The world has to live on initiatives!

                             No human group has to be a weight.

                             It is, for the development the big law.

                             All the humanity must be creative.    












Professor Honorat AGUESSY

President of CoMoPa (World Council of Pan-Africanism)

Director of the IDEE (Institute of development and Endogenous Exchanges.)

Former Director of the Scientific and technical Research

Former International worker (UNESCO / Upper Education for Africa)



Cotonou, October 6, 2010

Dear beloved brothers and beloved sisters, from Benin and from Africa!

It is with great pleasure that I am sending this letter to you to make the break with the shared precariousness that characterizes and condemns our growing and future generations to depreciate our continent to flee elsewhere. I'll introduce myself with my philosophy of life at first, and then I’ll get you involved in the break with underdevelopment logics, then I will address to you an urgent appeal for organizing the national conference for development and finally ask you to get involved with me for development. It is a shout from the heart that I, individually, address to you. Each word has a special meaning and weight in this letter, which I hope, will boost each reader for the bright future of Africa, the richest continents but poor of the wake of its genius. I draw the attention of my brothers and sisters Beninese, be the most committed so that we constituted the epicentre of the revolutionary upheaval that will give another face in the next 50 years to our beloved Africa. Let us provoke the earthquake of the industrial development of Africa. No one will do it for us. Let us ask ourselves some questions: who won and who lost in 500 years of slavery? Who won and who lost in 60 years of colonization? Who wins and who loses since independence? Who wins and who loses in globalization? Nobody will do the Fate of Africa for us. Unless we act quickly and very soon we will remain easy prey to predators and let us keep it in mind, no predators release its prey, it devours it, it is the prey which rises and releases itself. And when it can not individually set itself free, many preys come together and as a group succeed at once. We are the prey of systems and hence the prey of underdevelopment, poverty, insecurity,




poverty, hunger, diseases (AIDS, malaria, etc..) Fratricidal wars, emotional violence, etc. Let us quickly stop, and to take it serious to create the best living conditions for our people and for growing and future generations. When I think about it, I cry, I beg you, let us stand up and get out of this misery growing!


            And me, Valentin AGON, who am I?

Beninese, Pan-africanists, I studied and I am still studying in several domains of knowledge and know-how:

- Health (for a doctoral degree in the first option herbal medicine in Quebec Canada).

- Development (for a PhD in regional development in Canada).

I successively made a degree in Pedagogy of Social Change and Development, a Master of Business Administration, a Master degree in social geography and sustainable development, etc.. Researcher, inventor, I evaluate, in collaboration with the Distinguished Researcher Celestin KINNOUDO, our medicinal plants to extract active ingredients from it to manufacture herbal medicines. Expert in development strategy, I work for the industrial development of Benin and of Africa in general. I am an African upset for three reasons: First: we are victims of the slave trade (the era of legalized and formalized slavery during which the individual was not considered to have some rights), victims of colonization (the ear of systemic slavery during which all Africans and the entire continent were considered lawless area), victims of globalization (the current era of economic and financial slavery where Africa despite its potential wealth, has neither right nor place in front of the G5 of the UN, the G8 or G20, the ones who decide for the rest of the world). We are reduced to beggars (hostages of the others and  of ourselves) waiting for relief from outside (collective and individual resignation) while we sleep on amounts of wealth that await their recovery. The second reason is that we convince ourselves that our situation is our divine fate, our destiny willed by God and we refuse to handle our destiny. The third reason is that we are constipated by ideologies of all kinds concerning the development of our country and our continent, we are talking about development and we do not know what it is, we do not know that any development is primarily cultural and then leads to the industrial production of basic needs and commercial products, we deceive ourselves every day. In this context, a real son of Africa can not be happy, so I'm angry, but as an actor, I remain combative and determined to reverse this situation of planning of an entire continent to remain helpless and resigned. My work affects the environment of my country and Africa, the Republic of Benin, the African States, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, donors and consumers. Why did I decide to impact this entire world? I think the industrial development meets the equation: Industrial Development = [context + State] (researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, funders and consumers). My patriotic and political mission is the development and it is in this context that I am engaged in the mission of making Benin and Africa establish order and discipline in the spirit of this equation to leave the trouble of dependency, underdevelopment, insecurity shared poverty, for us to affirm responsible and sovereign. And that is why I adopted a contrary and revolutionary ideology.


What is my ideology?

The fundamental problem is that the African is convinced he is nothing, and he has nothing, he can do nothing as an African. This damage and this complex are scripted in the collective conscious of Africans and are induced by the savagery of the slave trade and colonial brutality. The African mental is deeply affected; his mind must be decolonized, reformatted, deprogrammed. And that is why my ideology is summed up in three phrases: I AM-I HAVE-I CAN.
We are not subhuman; we are the same as all humans. There is only one race for human beings: the human race. None of us is more human than the other because of the colour of his skin. Moreover, none of us has chosen his colour. Nobody should take pride in the colour of his skin, it is non sense. Colour has absolutely no impact on intelligence. We are the same, no one should feel inferior. Africans, we are not inferior to the others. That no one feels superior to others because of his colour, it is nonsense. African, African, you are as important as the others and even if you have no occupation, never forget that you still have yourself and with yourself, you can do extraordinary things. You are your first means, you are your first resource and above all you are your greatest asset. Don’t you know? Arise then from your imaginary inferiority, from your unreal meanness and achieve yourself, dare and you will succeed. Adopt my ideology and makes your destiny of respected man and woman. Beninese, African, awake from your underdevelopment coma and achieve your destiny of man and woman able to succeed, your future entirely depends on you and your only choice. Then achieve yourself! Dare!

What are my three friends?

I have three friends: HOPE - COURAGE - AUDACITY. To me, hope is the energy of courage and courage is the impulsion force of audacity. My hope based on my immutable and unshakable faith, is my support, from which emanates the energy of my courage propellant at my audacity. Dear brothers and sisters adopt my three friends and you'll be able to open all the doors and do everything beyond your imagination. Hold firmly the following sentence: He who has a dream does not stop on the way, he or she go forward. I am an example of this because on my way, I only find obstacles, but I never stop. A friend who became pastor came to order me to stop studying; I do not know in

the name of which god. If I was easy to manipulate, he would have succeeded in deflecting me from my path. There are some totalitarian people who negatively influence in the name of religion, the lives of many weak souls. As he has failed in influencing me, he decided to focus its attacks on my wife. If I had obeyed his impostor order, I would not be who I am today and Africa will lack all the substance that the continent draws from my works. One thing is certain, a man without principle is like a ship without a rudder, it moves with the wind. Let us stand with determination and go straight to our development, we are able, I'm a model to copy, believe in you and get started immediately to meet the challenge of our generation, the development by ourselves.


What is my constant challenge?

Frantz Fanon said, "Each generation must, in a relative opacity, discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it." My challenge and the one of my generation is to succeed against winds and tides to develop our country and our continent, Africa. Benin must assert sovereign through sovereign Africa. You, Africans, you, and Beninese, our mission is to develop, we must break the dependence on all other plans, I do not preach in the desert, we need to accomplish this noble mission of development, and we must not betray our mission. Dear brothers and sisters, we must develop our homeland. You all Africans, Beninese, Men and women of this generation, we must be the key players and eyewitnesses to the development of Benin and Africa. Let us simply, both mentally and physically be strong.


What is my strength?

Let me tell it to you again, when you have a dream, you do not stop on the way. My dream for the development of my country, for which GBEHANZIN sacrificed his life, BIO GUERA was publicly beheaded, SAKA YEROUMA dead with weapons in hand, consumes me so deeply that I feel very, very strong to transform my barriers into opportunity for
Benin Development. Let us not be ungrateful to the struggles of our forefathers sacrificed for our welfare, let us be worthy son and daughters of those who fought for our freedom. My strength is that I fear nothing, no one, I don’t fear defying all barriers to progress to accomplish the mission of my generation: the development of our country. I have a clear vision for a bright future for our country and our continent if we take it seriously. Following this vision, let us work for a better life in Benin, Africa now and forever.


What is my vision?

I have a dream, a very big dream: to be actor and witness of industrial development in Benin and Africa. Nothing in the world can take away this clear and serious mission. Nothing, nothing in the world can turn down the fire that devours my heart for my homeland. I have to reverse the order of things. It is the mission and the patriotic duty of my generation; it is my duty and my mission to bring my patriotic country, the Republic of Benin and my continent Africa out of dependence on others to achieve our sovereignty, we must make the others respect us. But this should follow logic. Sovereignty is the goal. We must start by developing patriotism, that is to express the love of our country and it is this love that will bring us to national and continental unity. When people love one another, they always get unite. The unit will bring us together to fight for our independence on all fronts. Independence will bring us development. Nobody dependent on the others could develop, it is an axiom, it is why the beggar never progress, he has a precarious life and every time goes backward. Begging, dependence, added to their corollaries are obstacles to real development and factors of humiliation and alienation of country that are beggars. The qualifier of beggar should upset any valuable African. Mrs Emma BONINO, European Commissioner for Human Rights said in an interview in the journal “la Liberation” September of 22nd 1998 Page 8: "Today we have supportive relationships with states (African) who are internationally beggars, we pay for their schools, their hospitals and their infrastructure ... I think we have made the mourning of colonization and neo-colonialism. So we should stop hiding behind a desire for independence which is only rhetoric. It is unacceptable that those who receive our help are only finicky nationalists when it comes to universal norms and values while the same are not embarrassed to charge on us their budgets for education or health. «It is the independence that develops at any point of view. That's why when we passed our cultural, social, political, economic, independence WE WILL REACH A VERY HIGH DEGREE IN DEVELOPMENT. Today, food, health, culture, clothing, security, energy, etc.. dependence Is simply shameful and deadly. Our entire economy is leaking to the outside and we are mostly politically and culturally unaware, oh this unconsciousness is fatal for us, my brothers and sisters! Let us pause and change the course of history of our nation. You, people of Benin and Africa, you must wake up now because after 50 years of dependency on all fronts, we must stop here and now to handle our destiny. We must get out of economic slavery; we must break the hostage of those who discuss the power. Development requires consensus, it is neither a question of opponents nor the one of same political Party men. With that every day fight that devours us and places us in one camp or another, what heritage will we leave to our growing and future generations? What Benin will we leave? What Africa will we leave? Let us rather engage in the competition for the development of Benin, Let us, through debates discuss projects and development programs. Let us be able to make the people work so that everyone works for his or her dignity. Our terrible enemies are underdevelopment, poverty and there corollaries. Our weapon to defeat them is work in national unity. Let us unite around values and not around tribes, to build the developed Benin. That is my patriotic and political vision that I, every day, share with you all my countrymen.






Dear compatriots Beninese and Africans, after you have been explained my philosophy and my commitment and patriotic politics; I call you to immediately operate basic and vital breaks to take Benin and Africa out of the underdevelopment that we do not deserve.


1 – Break at the mental level

Every human being is the product of his mind. The man or the woman is the product of his or her mental system.
The African does not know he is mentally programmed to consider himself minor, inferior to others simply because he is African, with the black skin, he imagines himself unable to do a thing without the help of others. I call each Beninese; each African to mentally self deprogrammed himself knowing this: you are not an innate failure, you are not condemned to be under the others, and your fate is not to depend on the others. Get up and get out of your inferiority, your imaginary inability to regain yourself, to become yourself, to at last believe in yourself. Be yourself, stop imagining that you will be another one, stop imitating the white man, get up from your inertia and break with this alienated and incapable personality. You're a "Anthropos" that is to say, a human being, the being who looks before him, who looks up, and so hope and is different from the animal (zoo) that only look down. You have to look forward, open your eyes and look to the future, stop being myopic, stop being narrow-minded. Stop looking only your stomach, lift your head and be in the future. The African refuses to be in the future, he convert all in present. No! The future belongs to those who can project themselves in it. You should stop alienating your mind and come out of the inability hostage. Stop believing that you're not capable, that you will not be able to. It is not true! You are able, get out of the dehumanizing thinking of the others. You are able, repeat it incessantly to yourself and act now to achieve your wonderful future, everything depends on you, on the perception you have of yourself, discover yourself with all your potential and launch yourself.

2 – Break at the ideological level  

If the break in the mind is really made, the break at the ideological level is automatic. Whether we believe it or not, all human life is a reflection of its inner intimate ideology. The common ideology of Africans is that they see themselves as poor, incompetent, inferior, below the white man. His whole existence is that he succeed in resembling the White, his ideal, therefore he disdains himself so much so that he tries to change the colour of his skin. In his imagination, the white man is very close to God, he is the genius told about in tales by the ancestors. This posture is just meanness induced by the colonial encounter reinforced by certain socio-cultural and religious perversion. The progress of science has made of the White man; in the imagination of Africans, the closest to God. How is the devil imagined and drawn? He is always drawn black and God drawn white. All this is done as if God and the devil have a colour. And as the devil is painted black, this colour is the one of meanness, that of the slave. The black colour that is actually the sum of all colours is perceived as the colour of the baseness, the colour of sub-humans. And so, in all things, the black man thinks and believes he can not equal the White men, his subconscious whispers to him that he is a minor. Let us rise up and definitively break with the ideology of meanness to overtake ourselves, let us win and especially give ourselves the full value of human beings to realize ourselves. Let us leave this daydream and unreal world to unequivocally affirm, in all things, ourselves equal to all others.




3 – Break at the educationally level

From the colonial school to nowadays there is not much difference. In colonial times, school education gave birth, in abundance, to general education and little training for jobs creation. The jobs which people were called for were essentially those of secretary, teacher, etc.. Despite independence, we have continued creating a thousand junior high schools for very few practice school and what kind of practical education! I Call for the break with this system of general education in which children grow up and end in reality they have done nothing, they know nothing other than reading and writing in the language of the colonizers. Others even try hard and brilliantly obtain their master but in fact they master nothing talking about creativity as a solution to solve local development problems, they become "Zemidjan" "motorcycle taxi driver". This is unfortunate because our universities in Benin dump 15,000 students per year for an uncertain future, they are not able to create decent jobs for themselves, they are not entrepreneurs, they are unemployed, it is sad! We must break with this process of underdevelopment, if we do not break with this pernicious system, we deliberately chose murdering the young generations and the future of Benin and of Africa. We must reverse the order of things: transforming 90% of colleges of general education in school of practical education where we should develop a new educational system for development, a system able to make learners curious, creators and entrepreneurs. They must acquire knowledge and know-how in processing as far as food, health, clothing, cultural, security, are concerned etc.. Benin and Africa will then be the space of creative geniuses, inventors and entrepreneurs. We must change the educational system in two strategic points: the content and method. In terms of content, we must address our realities and especially our need for development. For more details, education will lead learners to examine their home realities, to call upon our development problems, to find out the why of things to think about how to solve a particular problem. For example, bees are wealth of other continents, but their aggressiveness in Africa is a limit to their exploitation, it is for biologists to study the reasons why and think about a selection or artificial insemination. Yams, cassava, sweet potato tubers are easy to reproduce on a large scale to make bread, cookies, etc.. Regarding the method, our system discourages the child and especially the one who does not have strong will. The taking again of classes, the fact that some children are chases out of school, and the low wages of teachers are powerful obstacles to good education in Africa. When we get 35% of success for Baccalaureate, we believe we have a good result, it is not true. I propose that any exam be compared to climbing on a tree that has ten branches; the goal is to climb and reach the tenth branch. Those who will go up to a level and can not go further to resume the climb from the branch at the level of which they lack breath, they should not be obliged to start over. But that's just what we do with our current educational system: those who
don’t succeed in having the imposed average for an exam, are sent to the following year. Many abandoned school and it seems that teachers are not sensitive to that. To overcome this negative aspect of the educational system, students, in the last year of secondary school a strategy with the complicity of their parents make a second entry in any other country in the sub region to try twice the exam the same year. But curiously, our states have stifled this strategy by programming the baccalaureate on the same day in the sub region. Honestly we do not know where we are going. Our states then prevent the progress of our children, they took us hostage. We need to review the educational system and allow several times the same examination in the same year to promote the success of all students; none of them should have take again the same class. But how? We will do the exams in May, those who failed will have two months with their teachers to review the lessons in which they failed and they will resume these exams in two months (late July). Those who have failed for the second session will resume consideration a month later (in late August or mid September), the last wave will pass a final session at the end of the first month of the season or just before they must begin the upper class with their peers. Those who failed this past session will meet with a psychologist who must find out why such a blockage. Let us transform our educational system for a real cultural revolution, prior to any industrial revolution. We can, let's stand up and act, and then our country Benin will be developed in less than a quarter century. LET US DARE INVENTING OUR FUTURE!

4 – Break at the level of the perception of other one

Who is the other? It is generally said that otherness is scary. But the other is he not our brother, our sister? In our context, the other is called stranger and it is sometimes seemed as a problem for itself. No, beyond brotherhood, the other is not our problem. Let us break with this negative perception of the other. In reality, the other is or will certainly sooner or later be an opportunity for us. Give consideration to the other and you will see that one day he or she will be helpful in a certain situation. The other is an opportunity not a problem, not an obstacle. Open our eyes and let us consider the other as our support, our future opportunity. Even if the other is a problem, our ability to see him differently influences him and encourages him to change and become an opportunity for us. And it is reciprocal. Let us dare and will see the encouraging results.

5 – Break in the perception of women in Africa

The other problem in Africa and Benin is the perception we have of women. We see women innate incapable. We are wrong. In reality, woman has more aptitude to succeed in everything and everywhere, our Kings of Abomey knew that, it is why the Army Corps of Amazons of Dahomey was to go to the heart the battles; Colonel DODDS knew something about that. We must give confidence to women and effectively promote her. Woman have extraordinary abilities, this potential is unfortunately overlooked in Africa. Let us give value to women and we will be surprised by the extraordinary progress we make. They are equal to us men in all things, let us change our perception and we will be amazed by the positive role of women in our development. For proof, it is thanks to three women that I am who I am: my dear mother who has given every sacrifice for my socio-cultural success and school, my good protector Elizabeth Streng who always understood and supported; then my dear wife without whom I could not study in universities isolated from Africa. Woman holds a power that we underestimate. Let us break with this perception to accelerate our development. If we develop woman, we will develop at a high speed.

6- Break at the level of perception of the problems

The African or the Beninese only sees or image problems as obstacles. Let us break with that vision of problems. Each problem is an opportunity, a nice occasion for you to go beyond yourself. In fact problems are welcome. Each episode of problem is a factor of progress and growing up of self confidence. The time of the problem is difficult to cross, the problem seems to gnaw and hurts our soul, but in all honesty, the one who have encounters more difficulties is the one who becomes an accomplished person, a strong, mentally strong, determined, courageous, tough, brave and more, inventor. Invention is always the solution that someone has found to a problem. When are confronted to a problem, it we are in the domain of invention, inventive functions that is to say the creative ones activate in the one who loves to exceed the height to deal with obstacles. To invent, do not look away, look beyond the common vision problem of everybody around you. Every human being is a genius, but few people take advantage of the potential they hold, those problems are still counted as failures for their cause, they forget that even failure is the solid bed of the crown of success. He who has crossed the heart of combat that deserves a grade: the crown and honours. Problem is the ultimate factor of human development; it develops good attitudes in us. No problems can destroy you on the contrary it is to build you, to make you stronger in this life where every day is a struggle. Let us stop complaining about our problems, and take with brave heart any complex situation, let us transform any problem into an opportunity for our development. The world improves by the solving of problems. Therefore take the height in everything. Let us be resilient is to say able to bounce back stronger after a shock or extreme difficulty. The many problems of Benin and of Africa are in fact the real factors in our development thrusters. Let us be ready to find solutions to our problems and our development will be a history reality within 25 years. We are able dear brothers and sisters, LET US DARE TRANSFORM OUR PROBLEMS IN OPPORTUNITIES AND WE WILL GO FORWARD WITH GIANT FOOTSTEPS. We will surprise the world, if we do not, we give the opportunity to the rest of the world to continue thinking that Africa is the continent of the least intelligent, the continent of incapables, not inventors of the continent, the continent consumers. No, I assure you with force and vehemence that we are leading designers, let us rise up and dare!

7 – Break in the perception of the former colonizers

Nobody has forgotten the brutality of the invasion of Africa, but let's be flexible and transform the colonizers into opportunity for progress, let us take advantage of this proximity to acquire technological know-how to quickly progress. Let us stop thinking of the former colonizers as our problems and our challenges, they are our opportunities, let us move forward, time is neither for distraction nor for hate, but we must devote ourselves to empty the barriers erected by the colonizers and ourselves. One thing is certain: the former colonizers are not and will never be our saviours; our destiny is dependent and will ever depend entirely on us. Let our voluntary commitment to development transcends our anger against colonial past. Let the colonizers never be perceived as either saviours or enemies!

8 -
Break at the level of the division of Africans

For three months colonizers had gathered in Berlin to divide Africa in 1885 and they had planned 15 years to conquer the whole Africa, that is to say, to finish the conquest before 1st January 1900. By the 1960s, Africa had risen to become partly independent. But until now, Africans have remained locked up in these imaginary, arbitrary, fictitious, virtual boundaries and they revel and even defend it until shed blood, thereby affirming our obvious immaturity in front of the patriotic, intellectual, political, geopolitical, strategic plans. What is amazing is that while major assemblies are formed to control the world at the geopolitical and geo-strategical level, Africa strives to remain much divided to better permit to the others to cut us into pieces. This is terrible! I declare to you my brothers and sisters, THE MATURITY OF AFRICAN WILL BE PROVED BY OUR REFUSAL OUR GETTING OUT OF THE COLONIAL BOUNDARIES SET WITHOUT AND AGAINST US. It is when we will skip these virtual colonial boundaries, that we will honour our brave defenders, and our heroes fallen during the colonial wars. Let us finally be mature and intelligent. Let us break with the divisions in Africa to find our uniqueness, for us to affirm ourselves. Let's get out of the hostage, and humiliating colonial boundaries to embrace and unite ourselves and then we will truly be victorious and dignified Africans. As we are unable, we are immature, incompetent, and ungrateful to our heroes, ungrateful to God who gave us a land full of treasures and above all we will be unworthy son and daughters of Africa.

9 - Break at the level of the perception of the fate of our Africa

Africans are mostly Afro pessimists, Africa unfortunately has daughters and sons who have no faith in themselves and project that negative image on the whole of Africa.
For the majority of daughters and sons of Africa, our destiny is to be under the financial, political command, etc... of the others, our fate is dependent on others, our destiny is to be nothing without the others, our destiny is to be what others want, our destiny is to be a continent that God planned to be poor, dependent, miserable, sick, minor, unable to make inventions, unable to take care of itself, unable to deal on equal terms with others, underdeveloped, obeying orders from others. There are even in Africa some so-called pastors who with an unfounded Biblicism claim that the cursed son of Noah is the ancestor of Africa. Africa then encounters a curse and should accept these according to those "prechards" of dismissal, with resignation. These beings responsible for the promotion of underdevelopment and the minority status of Africans are numerous and unfortunately streamed by Africans eager of messages of despair because the uncertainty of the future has fully grasps them. No, the fate of Africa is to be united in order to become the next world power; we have everything to take the greatest place in the world. Our fate is that our continent is developed to be sovereign. We do not deserve the underdevelopment that characterizes us. As custodians of all the great richness of the world, we are the world's poorest, sickest, large needy, beggars, destitute, hungry, it is deplorable! Our destiny is not that, let's stand up and break with the negation of life to reverse the order of things, to reverse the course of history, doing otherwise our history, we are capable of that. Let's make our continent a respected and envied nation.


10 - Break at the political level

When talking about politics in Benin it is what shocked the people of Benin. Why? In politics as done in Benin, politicians see each other as enemies to kill. In politics, the actors are not enemies, rather they are adversaries. The enemy is one to be killed as between enemies it is death which is absolutely aimed at. The adversary is the one we must win because between opponents it is the victory that is aimed at, and they kiss at the end of the fight because they are not enemies. In Benin, unfortunately the political actors are reshaping the political game into a gladiatorial combat; we must break with the politics of seeing the other as an enemy to kill. In reality, the politics issue is only the development of our home town Benin. The nation belongs to us all; it does not belong to someone more than the other. Daughters and sons of Benin, daughters and sons of Africa let us break with any form of policy that sees the other as an enemy to kill, we are all opponents for the same cause, the development of our dear nation Benin. Let’s then stop all acts targeting anyone as an enemy. Let us be great men. Let be great ladies. Let us respect each other so that together we take our country and our continent from the precariousness room. We do not deserve this precarious life in which the majority of us live daily. Let us take it serious and be majors! Let’s be people capable to performed work of pride to plebiscite our country's toward its sovereignty. Dear brothers and sisters, we are able!

11 – Break at the level of disorder and indiscipline policy

Two factors have fostered the development of advanced countries: order and discipline. Two factors hold Africa and Benin in underdevelopment: disorder and indiscipline. When a country takes itself seriously, it is remarkable at two levels: the ability to organize and the respect of the rules it establishes. But in a country where everything is allowed, the result is disorder and the result is clear: the fall into underdevelopment. Let us take ourselves seriously and break with the disorder that characterizes us to quickly reorganize Benin to unanimously launch our development. Let’s establishing rules and respect them, then we will progress for sure. From now on order and discipline in everything should characterize us in Benin and all through Africa.

12 - Break at the level of the policy of the stomach

The human being is led by four different centres in him. From the birth of a child it is his belly that takes control of his life, living for the child is equal to eating. He claims, he cries just to eat, he must eat, and he only listens to his belly. But at the age of the teenager it is his sex that influences him, he wants to discover his sexual potential and that of the opposite sex, the parents calm him, he is given all kinds of advice, but the underbelly dominates. He thinks he is immortal, able to experiment ever seen things. But around the age of 18 or 20 years his heart takes control of his life, he had strong feelings, he or she wants to give his heart to his or her beloved, the essential for him or her is to love and be loved. After some experiments, the young man or woman resolves to better think the head takes leadership and influence his life. Actually do better manage his life or the development of his country, all patriot citizen or politician must be directed by mind and heart in perfect cohesion. When it is only the head, everything is square and the motto is "it breaks or it goes" and if it is only the heart that leads, it is emotion and passion that dominates everything and finally it leads to widespread resignation and failure. In Africa as in Benin, we must break with any stomach political, adults should not behave like children, when the stomach leads, it is the interest that controls everything, what do I win if not it won’t work here, I have to eat, citizens become antipatriotic, they eat the country, they devour it. Let us stop, stop behaving like children, we do not need a spoon or ladle for the development of our nation. We need to sincerely and effectively give ourselves to our dear and beautiful country for its development. THE MIND AND THE HEART should be leading the country. Central direction that should dominate us must be between the head and heart and not between the belly and sex.

13 - Break with the climate of fear and dissension

In this year 2010, Benin lives in the fear of the division of its sons. Everyone wonders where we are going? Let us stop! To whom belongs Benin? To you my brother, to you my sister too, Benin is our country, let us not tear it. Ivorian have destroyed Ivory Coast in only few days, they still suffer from legacy after a decade. Finally let us realize the content of our national anthem. Me, I invite you to a new conference for development and we will sit around the same table to discuss about the development of Benin in order to produce the Master Plan of Development of Benin (SDDB) to be integrated into our constitution. Every presidential candidate must write his vision of society in the overall development program of Benin and everyone can judge a president on the achievements of some parts of SDDB. Common sense should urgently lead us in this national consensus. We should not wait until it breaks; let us draw lessons from elsewhere. It's a good time to achieve such a feat and we will be the focal point of development in Africa. All African countries can copy it and we will accelerate our development. To build the house of the father, the sons did not need to be "mouvanciers" and opponents, the home will brake, they must work together to build it. Let us not break the house!

Break with the so called intruders’ politics

It seems that in Benin there are experts on politics on one side and fans of politics on the other, there are also those who are genetically politics and others who become politics by chance, they are also experienced and inexperienced in politics. In Africa as in Benin, the political arena is designated as a house where foreigners are called intruders by those who live in the house. But in reality, we need a “biologicopolitical” gene, or living in an arena, etc..? For the development of Benin and of Africa, who do we need and for what purpose? Let us pause a moment and answer these two questions. In Benin, we need every citizen capable of something for his nation. And for a successful national development in Benin, we need no messianic saviour but men and women able to make Benin work, able to establish order and discipline for all without distinction, able to change the management system of the country, able to  make  the education system producer of executives officers curious-creative-entrepreneurs, able of uniting citizens around the values of patriotism, organic solidarity rather than mechanical solidarity, able to break with any form of stomach and ethnocentric politics, able to challenge the cultural constraints that hamper development, able to plant Benin with businesses of processing our resources, able of promoting national products, able to turn our differences into assets, able to turn our problems into opportunities, able to integrate Benin in Africa, able to internationally value Benin, able to value our land, able to value  the Ouémé valley, our valleys, able to create a synergy between government, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, donors and consumers, able to sell local values across the world, able to revive the economy of palm oil, able to resuscitate the economy of peanut, etc.. able to honour our farmers who feed us, able to make man and woman equal in all respects, able to develop intercultural skills, able to create a bridge on differences to unite Beninese for the development of Benin. Our country, Benin, needs only women and men of this calibre and no one will be useless, no one will be an intruder. We need competent managers and smart in development politics, not in politics for politics. No one shall be considered as intruders. In fact, in the human body, each part is useful; no part is useless unless it is cancerous. And it is not for every part to invent its utility, it is the head that controls and makes it a useful member of each body. The head is the state and that is why we need intelligent and competent managers to put Benin together and to work and all this with rigor order and discipline. Finally, I want to make you aware of three things:


-         The first: to win big wage or be rich, it's not into politics that we must go, we must instead create a company to respond in quality and quantity to the needs of the Beninese and Africans or even of people of elsewhere. Your company can pay you more than ten times the salary of a politician. Did not you know that?

- Second: we going into politics for three distinct reasons: either for the love of one’s country or to win money, either to have the honour and glory. When we go there moved by patriotism that is to say by love for the homeland, it is the right choice and the rest can follow. But when we go there for money or fame, the result is known to us all, you become less patriotic and patry destroyer.

- The third thing is a question: what money and how does the state manage and where does it come from? The state manages tax charges, customs duties, credits, subsidies, etc... The last two do not concern me in this letter, but where do the tax and customs duties come from? I want to emphasize that my investigations in Benin show me that the majority of Beninese gives unfair response to this question, people think that because the state takes much taxes on businesses importers (and most often Most large importers in Benin are foreigners), these large sums of money come from outside. You're wrong! When an importer buys out a container of goods for one hundred million, he can pay for transportation to the Benin one to two million, it clears the goods upon arrival at the border of Benin (port, airport, etc.. ) and here he pays by about 49 million according to the product, he may pay, we assume, taxes of about 20 million, his own current expenses (salaries, IPTS, VPS, advertising, etc..) to sell his goods can go to 5 million or more, he will seek profit around 15% or so 15 million. In all, the goods bought for one hundred million come to two hundred million when sold to consumers. It is the consumer, the buyer of the goods in retail that pays all the fees, but to who? It is primarily to foreign manufacturers, then to the state and finally to the importer. Imports, regardless of the taxes they generate for the state, more precarious our national economy. And therefore, I deduce that Benin's economy is a pierced economy from which everything flows to elsewhere because we do not produce to face our needs. Whenever you have a product in your hands, look at where it is manufactured, that's where you send your money. What and where intermediaries that are the state and importers earn? They only take people's money and if importers are foreigners all is lost forever. You do not need to do great schools of economics to understand. What solution for this problem? "Let us produce what we consume and consume what we produce," these words of SANKARA will resonate forever in the minds of Africans. Let us obey the order of Sankara and our economy will be stimulated and shaped.
Now aware of these three basic things we need to make a choice of intelligent men and women capable to plug the holes in our economy. There is therefore no question of intruders, not hackers, scientists in politics, old politicians, new politicians or expert of the house. What? The house is Benin, we all know it well. Brothers and sisters, our house, Benin is faltering pitching, let us unite around the values to develop. We can develop it; we must develop it, together it is sure!




15 -
Break with the politics of the three fundamental institutions: the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislative in the hands of a single human being in Africa

Obama said in Accra that Africa does not need a man but very strong institutions, but what I add is that in reality African countries suffer simply because they are headed by gods, if not how to understand that one human being could have so much power that is to say control the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature (and sometimes even the media, the fourth power), it might be a superman!
The three powers must absolutely be separated and well separated; because it is very serious and absolutely dangerous they are all owned by a single Chairman. When someone has all the powers that is to say absolute power, he can be absolutely crazy about his power because he is a god and must demonstrate. The state exists if and only if all three branches are separate and are never influenced by one man. In Africa, we need to learn that the monarchy is different from the Republic because if the three powers are united in one hand, we are in a nation that would be both a republic and, paradoxically, a monarchy, which is absolutely a flagrant contradiction. Man is a power-hungry being and when given the opportunity to have all the powers, the character he develops is that unconsciously or consciously he apes God, forgetting that GOD is the only who knows past, present and future, and predetermines and realizes the future. Man, even the most gifted, is limited, he should never imitate God, he is very fragile, and he is less a worm before the infinite greatness of God. When there is a confusion of powers, it generalizes to all levels. A few years ago, an African president said: if you are looking for the state, do not go far, the state it is me. It is only in Africa that you can hear these kinds of speech and that is why we are characterized by disorder. STATE exists if and only if the three powers are very well separated and are free to work within the national constitution. For example, the cornerstone of the political edifice of the U.S. is the separation of the powers; the Supreme Court’s decisions are final. If ever the U.S. cheats with this fundamental rule, vital to its existence, this great power will collapse like a cards castle. But it will not happen because they impose order and discipline to themselves. Why not us Africans? Our disorder at this level disturbs peace in Africa, development is and will be the fruit of order and discipline in a context of peace. Break with the confusion of authorities to properly organize and develop our country.

16 - Total and deep break with the slavery systems


We stated earlier that there are several types of slavery. This is an opportunity for us to give detail and call Africa to completely get out. Africans were slaves, but are they still slaves?

Answering this question leads us to seek the root causes of slavery in the past and the types of slavery throughout time. We call on Africans to liberate themselves from all forms of slavery.


i-The root causes of slavery

Slavery, everywhere in the world, is a way of profiting of human forces illegally and inhumanely acquired at a given cost to draw sufficient benefit to the exhaustion and death of the slaves. Donkey or horse, locomotion means of humans whenever dominated by his owner seems to draw happiness from locomotion and do it with pleasure, but when he it no longer wants it then fiercely resisted. The owner understands and let him regain breath: it is not his slave. As for the human slave to his owner, he has less respect and values than the owner's dog. He can work to death. If he is sick, he may die. The proof, during the transport of slaves to the American territories, the weak and the sick were thrown overboard, they were considered useless beings. Many die in sugar cane plantations. They were machines of human breath. The steadfast who survived the atrocities were called niggers hard workers. Slavery was the greatest and the worst crime against humanity committed on our common earth.

Whenever human being uses slavery it is always to greatly benefit from other human beings that they turn into subhuman and machinery to produce goods of value for him. Slavery in the African environment has allowed some kingdoms to develop huge and extraordinary architectural structures, to make large-scale agricultural production, build roads through deep forests, etc.. But when the West came to develop this type of activity the aim was the developing of western economy. The result of slavery still remains the easy, insensitive, inhuman and illegal use of human beings exploited against there will to promote social, economic development, etc.., of a territory (the owners’ who think they are superior human beings with all rights, even the one of life and death over the others considered as non-law) and to wear out the slave. Slavery is still used to develop oneself at the expense of another. The phenomenon of slavery has evolved through time and space. We can do a typology.

ii-The types of slavery throughout time

- Individual and mass Slavery: the slave trade

Curious at first, the Western quickly became traders of human beings, buying Negroes considered less than their dogs, causing immeasurable human bleeding to Africa. The leaders of that time had taken a fancy to hunt their fellows and sell them to foreigners who were eager of them. This slave trade is responsible for all the divisions that have rocked the African continent, coastal peoples armed by western slave traders, made the big difference with weapons to hunt peoples of the interior of the continent regarded as big catch of great value, strong men, young and healthy women selected with a "culing" based on their ability to reproduce in the future (once deported, they were given to young black slaves, parents, to make small negro slaves born to serve the masters who could sell them to whomever they wanted, women were real progenitors). The slave trade was to develop the West using human force from Africa, considered the space of less than humans, working with strength and having the ability to reason in order to obey a master, and especially trained to work in the fields at the place of animals, machines moving by human breath. The development of the West was then initiated and launched with the blood of blacks, uprooted from their homes, reduced to sub-humans, slaves, producers of slaves, destabilized, sold and moved to an unknown destination. The Occidental has managed to register in the minds of Africans that he is a superior race, the god who must decide the fate of who he wants on the African continent, he was and must remain the master of the African who was and remains a minor being. In the collective conscious of Africans, this psycho-cultural-historical inscription remains, the man of the West is even regarded as the closest to the Creator of heaven and earth in the regard of Africans, people of colour, in the mind of Africans, is then close to the devil who is always drawn in black, the colour of the meanness, of the slave. This has affected Africa so that everything an African thinks or makes or invents is considered less valuable compared to what is done in the West. If somehow this dark past still harassing us, we must know that there were people who were oppressed and abused, certainly less than us, but they are out. Regarding our case, we are not yet imbued with a collective will to break the chains of the past to move towards a bright future. We like bondage and especially the protection of a stronger one, because we do not consider that we too can be strong. We have no intention of playing as I write these lines; our wish is the profoundly radical, methodical and objective change. We must stand up and make a visible and real choice in breaking the chains of the past, jumping finally to fly the nest. Take the risk of arresting the course of our dark history, because it depends not on others but on us. It is question of us! We are truly responsible for our situation that persists indefinitely. But let us quickly approach another page in the history of black Africa, to better diagnose the root causes of our illness.


- Systemic Slavery: colonization

The slave trade being abolished in 1848, the West has changed the shape of its relations with the continent, it decided to colonize the continent, make it overseas territories politically manage from Europe. The Berlin Congress divided the whole Africa between the French, English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. It is the systemic slavery. In the slave trade it was individuals who were turned into slaves, but in colonisation, the entire continent is dominated by power, control, neutralized appropriate against the wishes of the legal owners. Africa was put into slavery, the whole system was taken. The strength of Africa was quickly broken by a small number of European troops differently armed. The one who resisted, like the King of Abomey GBEHANZIN, were removed, deported or killed. We salute the memory of this illustrious son of Africa, a convinced patriot, real resistant, GBEHANZIN. The Encyclopaedia Universalis (2004) reports that when Glèlè, King of Dahomey, died Dec. 29, 1889, his son, Kondo, succeeded him under the name of GBEHANZIN. He took advantage of the dry season to prepare his army to fight against the French, who were reinforced in February 1890. On 4 March, a violent attack on Cotonou of Dahomey forces was repulsed. April 19, GBEHANZIN in person at the head of several thousand men, circled Porto Novo, but can not assault the city. French hostages taken in Ouidah, are taken to Abomey. One of them describes GBEHANZIN this way: "It is forty years old, an admirable Negro, strong even though of medium size. The figure is open, intelligent, the sight is honest and franc.” The exchange of hostages was an opportunity for negotiations between representatives of France and GBEHANZIN. The agreement of Ouidah, concluded October 30, 1890, recognizes to France a protectorate over Porto Novo, in exchange for an annuity. Both parties benefit from this time to actively prepare for war. GBEHANZIN had 15,000 men armed with guns and knives, machetes, and 4000 Amazons similarly equipped. He has 5,000 quick-firing guns. Opposite, 800 men commanded by Colonel Dodds. The French fleet establishes a blockade of the coast to stop arms shipments to Dahomey. August 23, arrived as reinforcements 800 Legionnaires, two spahis squadrons and an engineering detachment. French troops invade Dahomey. After pushing the troops of GBEHANZIN at Dogba, they crossed the Ouémé river. In the Pokissa Combat on October 4, 1890, the French captured three Germans and a Belgian who were in the ranks of the army rifle of Dahomey. Despite repeating fighting, the troops of Colonel Dodds continued their progress. November 4, GBEHANZIN gathers all his troops. But he was defeated, his army almost completely destroyed (almost 4000 persons dead and 8000 injured), and on November 16, Colonel Dodds entered Abomey in strength. GBEHANZIN tried in vain to negotiate, before the French government's intransigence; he was compelled to resume the fight. Yet in a sign of conciliation, it has shipped 5 guns, 150 rifles, then again, 4 guns and 476 rifles. Hunted, GBEHANZIN gave himself to Dodds in January 1894. Deported to Martinique, then in Algeria, he died in Blida, 10 December 1906, without ever having been allowed to see his homeland. In April 1928, his remains will be officially buried in Djimè, his homeland. We often compair GBEHANZIN to Vercingetorix because of the bravery that both have demonstrated as they resist the invader (end of quote.)
Colonization was so successful; several schools were settled to produce agents that will serve the new rulers of Africa.  Therefore, Africa became the property of Europe, which officially has all rights on properties and humans of the continent.

- Slavery of state power: the dependence of the Independence

From the people at working for the colonial administration, came out, the nationalists who forced the colonisers to grant independence to African countries in the 1960s. A new page is then opened; which required a new form of relationship, the Departments of colonization have simply mutated into ministries of cooperation. Nationalists who believed in true independence, were wrong and they were given hard, harsh, vile and vicious lessons. Patrice Lumumba, great soul of Africa, believing in a relationship of equals, makes the Belgian King angry at the ceremony of Independence. He has been sacrificed for the cause of Africa in this walk towards independence: betrayed by his brothers, arrested, publicly humiliated, abused, tortured, brutally murdered, buried like a dog, dug, cut, submerged in acid, removed from the acid, finally burned to erase any trace of him. A climate of fear had spread across the continent inhibiting all audacity to truly confirm oneself as independent, one  had to choose one of two opposing blocs of the Cold War, and not choose that one of his former colonial master, is choosing destruction, coup d’état, death. Africa was again divided, subdivided, doomed to always obey and been validated by his former master. The real development is then missed and the mainland is back in a whirlwind of nebulous forfeiture policy fuelled by incessant coup d’états make people forget any hope of real and objective federalism. Africa suffered its history and seems to have left its orbit, becoming a satellite lost in the space where the others are organizing themselves to be better united and to better govern in maintaining it in balkanized state. Africa is really in history, and its history, we Africans must make it by deciding to change the future to which the past intended to put us, this is our best way to react to be and cease to be seen like.

- Economic and Financial Slavery: globalization

"Movement of internationalization of economies and of societies induced by the development of trade in the world. Also called "globalization" (mondialisation in French). Globalization involves the geographical expansion of trade, but also the extension of the scope of these exchanges. It no longer limited to goods, but includes capital, labour, services, intellectual property, and works of art. "(Encarta, 2004). I find it useful to add the definition of Zygmunt Bauman (1999) to make visible the new injustices that globalization carries in her womb: "The deepest meaning of the idea of globalization refers to indeterminacy, anarchy and autonomous state of the worldwide affairs; the absence of control centre, of administration board, of direction board. Globalization is the other name of the "new world disorder" of Jowitt. In fact, we are witnessing the emergence of a new imperialism of economic nature, accompanied by universalistic political ideology. Let’s try to examine this phenomenon that defines the present of our world to know how, and in which direction, as Africans, we can determine ourselves. On closer inspection, one realizes that the West tries to impose a "model" on developing countries, to universalize its values and thus erase anything that does not referred o it. The products consumed in rich countries are imposed to the poor at the disadvantage of their own consumption habits (in terms of clothing, food, cultural and pharmaceutical).

In addition, there is a dangerous standardization in the treatment of values and products: everything is in the same mould; cultural specificities are considered ordinary things, differences annihilated or submitted as subject peoples themselves have been subordinated in slavery and colonial enterprise. It can be argued that globalization on its purely economic aspect is a new colonization of the poor by the wealthy or simply an economic slavery. Another logic, simply mercantile is the establishment and running like a steamroller that crushes everything in its way so as to undermine the essential things about the individual but also the community life, "the nation-state is it seems, eroding, or perhaps even declining. And the forces of erosion are translational forces "( Zygmunt Bauman, 1999: 89). And it is this aspect that is specified by the Director General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), when he writes that "there will be no fair and equitable globalization without a profound respect for cultural identity of each one" ( ). In this, he went into the dynamics of resistance initiated by France against the hegemony of American culture in globalization. It therefore appears as the place of American unilateralism, which is primarily a politico-economical. Respect for cultural identity is it therefore a must for globalization? The Secretary General of OIF (International Organisation of Francophony) said: "It's obvious to me, if globalization continues unabated, in ten to fifteen years, the culture will remain the last bastion allow states to retain their specificities "(ibid.). According to him, "It is in the interest of the international community to have this cultural diversity, for if we fail to democratize globalization, globalization will change the nature of the democracy and that democratization requires, among other things, the defence and maintenance of cultural diversity. In my view, multilingualism is to globalization what multiparty is for democracy: essential "(ibid.).
For now, globalization has unfortunately not changed the global imbalance between rich and poor countries, instead it created inequalities that create more poor, a gap is more and more widening every day between rich and poor, between the North and South, and especially between the West and Africa. The importance of this movement is dangerous in the way that it should not be overlooked. Some concerns are legitimate when they denounce the excesses of liberal policies based on deregulation and privatization of public property or natural heritage. A World Bank study on poverty (2000) shows for example that the current trend in the global economy goes in the direction of increasing inequalities between industrialized and underdeveloped countries (Encarta 2004). Other effects such as the various threats against employment, health and environment, uncontrolled development of GMOs are to be taken seriously. To trivialize the problems caused by globalization, it is likely to suffer shipwreck. This phenomenon that countries face is to be monitored and adjusted whenever these events are likely to undermine the fundamental rights of individuals and peoples. And I find relevant the following comparison: in the field of sports, any inequality between teams is forbidden: a senior should not compete with a junior and MIKE TYSON would not come into competition with a beginner in the ring, because then his life would be endangered. The WTO should take into account this basic rule of competition between large and small, between rich and poor so that there is a modicum of justice in international economic relations, unless it 's consciously act to organize, an intentional killing that Africa would be the first victim of.

Globalization hangs out a new economic imperialism that has become a very important new issue in the failure of local development initiatives, resulting in a chronic under-development of our societies. The difference between African and foreign companies is that Western producers receive subsidies and sell their product below the real cost and they lose nothing. Several poultry farms are already closed for this reason. Globalization is producing somewhere more poverty than wealth. The process by which free trade leads everyone proves illusory, false, so that inequalities exist at all levels, it is not possible to have the same chance to succeed in the current economic competition.

Given all these above considerations, I now better understand the futility of blind registration in a position "anti-globalization movement and the fecundity of defending an «alter-globalization "position in the sense that It proposes to think about possible alternatives to prevent our world from sinking under the blows of the market madness of the world. This is to preserve the opportunity for men and companies to value their differences, their peculiarities, and especially remind the world that all is not good, there are values that can not be bought. The need to organize to give a human face to globalization, through critics and action is needed. Africa needs to enter this dynamic requirement of always more justice and fairness in relations between the peoples of the world. Humanity must not fall within the scope of the disaster orchestrated by itself. And so by forming the new country the United States of Africa, we will get together to humanize globalization in our space. While on the economic level, another tragedy occurs smoothly in Africa: youth suicide.


- The voluntary slavery: the African youth freely and voluntarily offers itself today in slave in the west

Yesterday it was the Europeans who came to buy  valid persons for the economy of the slave trade but here's a paradox today, the African youth is fighting body and soul to cross the borders of the old masters in order to afford voluntarily and gracefully themselves as slaves to work in Europe, what a paradox! What indignity! What a horrible show! Africa has reached a point where it constitutes an area of desolation for her people, she empties her life. She won the confidence of her youth, her bodied, his brains have more faith in it, the only solution is to flee this area for any kind of insecurity to try Eldorado towards Europe. What desolation! This scream of distress and despair of youth seems to be heard by our Heads of State. This is deplorable. Makeshift boats carrying desperate young people from Africa to Europe: the new slavery is running. The most unfortunate and expressive, I will say the most telling case that is the one of the Nigerian died at the airport in Switzerland. He preferred to die than to return to Africa (instead of misery) he considers his cemetery. Africa and Africans, let us be responsible, let us go back to our resignation, we take seriously and stop closing our eyes to the dramas and tragedies that live every day under our eyes. Africans and African, let us pause a moment and meditate in silence and find all this drama the situation of our youth sentenced to death by our deliberate choice of underdevelopment. We are all guilty.

17 –
Break with the pierced economy of Benin: ten holes to be blocked

To appreciate the economy of Benin in particular and the one of Africa in general, analyzing the money supply in Benin and disbursements of Benin.

(This part of my letter is taken from my lecture on the achievements of 50 years of independence; the DVD of the conference can be obtained from shops API-BENIN).
i- Money inflows in Benin

           As money coming in Benin is concern, we essentially means those export of cotton subsidies and above the credits. Foreign exchange return to Benin by these means. The tariffs are not foreign, but the fees are escorting foreign currencies.

ii-The disbursements in Benin

The money comes out of Benin by the following channels:


The food: My brothers and sisters, when you eat, watch what you eat, look and see the portion that is produced in Benin. This portion is the portion of the money that remained in Benin. Rice and tomato even today, and many other things are imported; the money is gone first before such products are in your flat. What we eat, evaluate it to see what portion of our local production. This portion here is what we have in this country. Everything else is out of money in Benin. For our food, we empty the Benin's economy. We impoverish the Benin every day we eat because we do not produce what we consume, we précarisons the national economy.

 Health: When someone goes to the hospital and treated, from his arrival at the hospital to his release, we have to wonder the part of Benin in his treatment is. With all the money he left the hospital, if no drugs are manufactured in Benin, while the cost of his treatment has impoverished Benin. To meet our health needs, we empty the Benin's economy. This is the second major exit of money from Benin.

 The clothing: If we wear something, we must ask where it has been manufactured. It is manufactured elsewhere. As I usually say, we produce cotton and we wear the worn underneath of the others, worn shirts and trousers of the others. For the dress, we empty the economy of Benin and this in total ignorance. I must remind ourselves that ten kilograms of cotton are sold only two thousand francs CFA, but if it is exported, processed and imported in other forms, the piece of cloth cost us eighty thousand francs CFA. We impoverish the everyday through clothing.

 Habitat: Our houses are all imported except that we bring only water and sand; all the rest of building materials is imported. If we take a house, it is imported. Even where we sleep is imported. Apart from water and sand and sometimes we produce cement, all the rest is imported. How can such an economy survive? We can not. That is a pierced economy! We should be ashamed.

 Education: To facilitate education in Benin and in Africa, we have everything but we are not doing anything. I was in Cameroon last time, invited as an expert by WIPO to talk to ministers of industry in African countries. Cameroon is an Eden; I saw the trunks of trees of three, four, five meters in diameter, which I have ever seen in my life! And all this wealth went into the boat to become the paper and other things to be imported by Benin and Africa. If Africa could transform its timber, we would have anything for school talking about school supplies. But today, we import everything for education. All what is need for Education! Me, I'm in Canada, where paper is manufactured. But it is wood plus acid! Don’t we have acid, don’t we have wood? Let's make mash of paper and transform, we can do it! We were torn our continent's gross and we continue to send all raw again! We need to stop. Those left were able to invent things in America. And us who remain here, we must change the course of our history.

 Transportation: I would like t draw the attention of Benin people on the great “Birds” that land in Benin; these "birds" are called airplanes. I counted a week we have at least a dozen who go to Europe. And it's full of Benin people, Beninese are many inside. By flight to the West it is at least five hundred thousand (500 000) FCFA per trip. And it's 250 to 350 seats that are in those big "birds" if fifty (50) are for tourists; three hundred (300) other places are for Beninese. That makes a hundred and fifty (150) million per day per aircraft, and how much in one week, a month, in one year? We bring over forty (40) billion CFA francs per year for transportation to the others economy. Whenever someone travels, he sends the money elsewhere. And what, if we can stop a bit to start businesses in that area! We should concert with Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, the West African countries and create a West African airline and retain all that money! We can do it. And as we arrived at mid-century, I think we now need to say all to the Africans so that they hear something. We can not be deaf for a lifetime; at least we will know how to make moves! We empty Benin and Africa of its money everyday in transportation.


 Communication: As far as communication is concerned, it is worst; we send a lot of money outside. Who did not call today? Everyone call. Do you know where you sent the money? Ah! you think the money is in your country, the money is already gone. It is simple as that. Normally as the communication is an area where we do a lot of profit, this industry must that keep local capital here, but no, these are only foreign capital, and we're proud, we clap, We're happy we're happy with our poverty. Why? In communication, we send out every day, my brothers and sisters, it is greatly, a lot! Whenever we call, whenever we phone, we send a lot of money outside. You think others came to settle, sit in our country for our beauty? No! It is to suck us and go with everything we are and all we have! But we are ignorant. Local capital should invest in this sector, which is why I suggest a formula to Benin Telecom SA-I I live in Canada, and they have a very simple formula: give the phone to each for a monthly fee depending on the desired coverage by the client and free telephone to all those who are in his area or Quebec for a flat fee of $ 30 Canadian (about 15,000 FCFA). There is a formula for all of Canada and one for all of North America. We can do the same in Benin and Africa. The money will stay here in Benin and we will quickly develop ourselves in no time. In communication, we can do many things, the private sector may grow and create many jobs.

 Energy: Where does the electricity we consume each day come from? Mainly from the outside. The money goes out of Benin by the energy too. If you go on three bridges in Cotonou, you notice that water flows into the sea there. At least, let us put a small turbine to power the port of Cotonou or the presidency or the market Dantokpa. Why let the water run unnecessarily? Beninese private sector can reflect on this project and with the help of the state, it can be installed. That's how you can create businesses and retain the country's money.

 Interest and profits on foreign capital: people thin that companies, foreign industries who move here are for us. No! But of course this is to create some jobs. However the jackpot profit goes where? Outside Benin, everything goes ! People do not put their money in Benin to look at our beautiful eyes, no! These investments are made to snatch our narrow interests, you do not know?  Benin is poorer every day.

The repayments of debts and credits

15 years ago President SOGLO built the road-Bohicon Cotonou, where is this road today? There are a few shreds of the road paved just 15 years ago. But does Benin finish paying off this debt? Try to know. We should use another credit to rebuild the road Cotonou-Bohicon. Another question: the great works of our country, large buildings, interchanges, bridges etc.. are realized and still come true with what money? With credits in large part. And must be repaid, this is the dependence of the vicious cycle of debt. We borrow and we eat and we borrow. The debt will grow our economy will get poorer and poorer. What is more alarming, we use each year for appropriations for our national budgets in Africa, we pay workers with national funds, this reflects the lack of profitability of some workers who contribute nothing to the country but live on the back of the country. We can never grow with such a method.

iii-The Review

If the entries are so scarce and that it is especially credits that are fuel for our national economies and if the outputs are so many and gaping, the balance is automatically negative and so we are still underdeveloped. And we must congratulate those who lead us, they are champions, they run, they run to get credits and pour into the jar with holes and we start pouring it out by consuming imported products, while they go out and try again to bring something. Our economy is pierced and pinned.




iv- solution approaches

For the development of national economy and even African, we have to create dams over each hole, that is to say, create businesses to meet the needs that are felt at every level of outflow of money from the Country: it's all. At these ten channels, creating businesses at these holes and you will see the economy of Benin and of Africa and we will bulge developed.

18 – Break with the underdevelopment

After 50 years of independence without development, we may ask ourselves why we are not developed. The answer is simple, the industrial development of a country comes from the ambition of its leaders and its citizens to develop and produce, process and market products to meet their needs and export. But Africa has been committed to the custody of their colonizers to humiliate, to minimized and export its raw materials that others convert and return to sell to it consumes with gluttony for its alienating and threatening dependence. All African countries are in the politics of underdevelopment. Break with this policy so that our future generations and us are proud and happy to be African. Do not betray the mission of our generation that is development wind and tides cons.

Indeed, with nearly half of the world's wealth, I do refuse that we should be poor, particularly:

 - reduced to consume the products of the others;

- dependent on help from others;

- sentenced to drain our entire economy to the outside because just selling raw materials and consuming finished goods (manufactured) from the outside, we empty the African economy and we doping outside economy;

 -  inscribed in the logic of underdevelopment due to "To us your raw materials, and to you our manufactured products" (Tohou Victorin).

After 50 years (half century) independence, we must mark a "STOP" to assess why our state of underdevelopment. Why a continent that is a scandal of wealth remains poor, dependent, sick, beggar, consumer, etc... ? Simply because it is not registered in the logic of industrial development that is equal to production + processing and marketing. Such industrial emergence implies indispensable actors who find themselves in the details of the equation: Industrial development = (Context + State) (researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, donors, consumers). Starting from the general situation in Africa after a half-century of independence "dependent" (Prof. AGUESSY), I call us to break with the logic of poverty for a commitment to industrial development of our continent.

Let ask ourselves why we were late for our development? Simply because we want others to develop us, others to be actors and donors in our development. My brothers and sisters, we were wrong! We must be the actors and donors in our development, our industrialization, and the historian Ki-Zerbo said: "We do not be developed, we develop ourselves." Every day that God does, we have needs, we must use a lot for our food, our health, our clothing, our housing, our education, our movement, for energy, etc.. We have many needs that are everyday problems and solutions are around us. But where are these solutions? Solutions from elsewhere and we buy these things and sending all our money elsewhere and that is why we are not moving. We need to produce solutions to our problems, to say meet most of our needs. We must transform our raw produce and enjoy our needs. We can change the course of our history, we must change it. We can do great things. Together we will be able to develop our country, we must be actors and donors of our industrial development. Let us get out of our illusions, no landlord will help us transform our raw materials because it will benefit him, the industrial development remains a revolutionary act to end the dependence on others and to weigh as a weight in the balance of the world. The 50 years of independence without industrial development have destroyed Africa which has only sell off its treasures to aggravate the situation of poverty, dependency. Let us break with the logic of alienation to transform our finance and resources and by a quarter century, we will change Africa. We are capable. Let us be ashamed of our situation. Let us ask ourselves these questions: Why produce cotton, the best quality in the world, and wear vintage clothing (worn underneath of the others, the old clothes of others)? Will we agree to produce corn and to eat the bran? Why have a mine of wealth and sell raw?

Oh! My dear brothers and sisters! We can create large industries in our country: food industries to transform our fruits and agricultural products, pharmaceutical industry to produce medicines from medicinal plants and our generic industry to produce ceramic tiles, pottery, toilet utensils; textile industries to transform our cotton cloth in wax, in different tissues of industries to produce what we need, etc.. We will produce everything in Benin and we will be surprised by our progress, we will produce most of our needs and we can create farms everywhere upstream to produce, to run industries. We will develop our resources; we will invade the world like France, China, the USA. Let us leave the distractions to get in a development policy focused on finding solutions to socio-economic and Beninese. We will build the nation and we will have a strong and powerful nation, a nation that has a weight, and will be a standard in the world. So let us unite around the values of development and we can solve all our problems, whatever their number and their nature are.

In truth, if we do not break with the logics of underdevelopment and we close the hundred years of independence, our future generations will regret independence and their situation will be worse. Do not let people tell us that we are incapable, that we are cowards, that blacks are incapable; we are not people capable of great things that can transform Africa into a new jobs Eldorado the world. We are able, dare to act and the results will reflect the success of our choice, we will make of Benin the laboratory of the development of Africa and poor countries. Let us act collectively to change the course of the history of Benin in particular and Africa in general.

If we are our problem, we need to know that the solution is not somewhere else, the answer is us, and it will and always be us. Let the solution to our problems and we can change the course of our tragic history, the history of Benin, the history of Africa. We will positively change the course of our history. We are going out of the quagmire of underdevelopment, poverty, dependence. Let us commit break with this policy of underdevelopment. Come now to the development and let us look forward, our future generations will be happy.

We need to break the misleading habit to think that our problems from the political perspective, our problems are economic and political. Political factors heavily influence the economy, but we all know that our political problems have been the beginning of their solutions from the national conference 20 years ago. Our problems are real and recurring to political and economic order where the solutions must come from the application of political-economic strategies. The majority of our population is poor, we are poor because we have deliberately chosen the politics of poverty, we let ourselves set to be poor, to be dependent, and to wait until we get help, and we hope that what will get us better will come from outside. Not true!

We were told that we are nothing, we have nothing, we can do nothing and we have "foolishly" believe it. It is our mistake! Every day we are covered with proposals for hypothetical solutions to our problems, since the morning we woke to night, we do not produce what we consume in all areas, we have no desire to transform our resources to meet our ongoing needs, so we have nothing that is specific to us for marketing, we are thus condemned to market the products of others. We affirm that there is genius in our sleep. We did not inscribe in the logic of industrial development through production, which requires the transformation of raw materials to achieve the marketing of finished products. Thus, we are resolutely committed to being poor, dependent, needy and worse to be a community of beggars. We are unconsciously in a precarious process of commoditization of our future, but this process, cleverly designed for us and against us, is serviced by a comedy internationally organized and well-honed as supported by the needy we are. The assistance that will free us forever and will therefore block what impoverishes us. Whatever the help, everything starts from our country because we used to pay for finished products manufactured by those who help us, they get their money back with interest and our situation is deteriorating more and more because we removed the little we believe we have.

Let us mark a "STOP" and ask ourselves the following questions:

Where do we come from?

Where are we?

Where are we going?

We come from the period of pillaging and destabilization of our personality and our economy.

We are in weakness.

We will go deep inside in total insecurity if we continue to remain in the colonial line-up depend on others.

The break to which I call us should be deep and serious.

My dear brothers and sisters, as stated by the Elders, the land is dry enough to spark our embrace, we must put a definitive end to this process that precarious generations to come. We need to make more conscious of the danger which threatens our future generations. And as CHE GUEVARA says: "No matter where death will surprise provided there is a hand that takes the weapon that I drop."

The BREAK for development must be complete and adopted by all Africans for a better future.
All our treasures will have sense only when we will go out of the domination of frank CFA to beat an African currency as recommends it the manifesto of the fifty-year-old of independence.

19- The BREAK with the CFA Franc

 the powerful obstacle to real development of Africans users of the CFA Franc (Franc of the French Colonies of Africa) is simply the CFA. All these countries are still French colonies and have no monetary sovereignty. They will live according to France; they enrich France, but how? Take for example the sale of cotton or sale of commodities in general. All these commodities are sold on the world market in U.S. dollars, France cash the total of such currency, its economy grows and returned to his CFA Printing and prints FCFA artificial currency that is exchangeable nowhere. The same CFA varies from one part of Africa to another, for example, countries of Central Africa use another CFA very different from what we use in West Africa. And it's the same France that prints its CFA to each African country dependent on it. Once the impression made, the CFA package is transmitted to the country selling the raw material through the central bank. But note that France retains more than a third of the total amount on the pretext that she needed to give value to the CFA. France has the power to devalue the CFA at its discretion. Thus the colony and colonizer relationship is maintained despite the alleged African independence vis-à-vis France. Monetary sovereignty of African countries in the CFA zone is rigidly maintained by France, which can handle as it wants and that at any time. African leaders and African intellectuals all sin by silence on this monetary slavery of their country. No president of the African CFA zone has power in the front of France, everyone is obliged to be very docile and very submitted. I refer the reader to read the book of  AGBOHOU NICOLAS entitled “LE FRANC CFA EU L’EURO CONTRE L’AFRIQUE” “ THE CFA FRANC AND THE EURO AGAINST AFRICA”. My conclusion is this: the maturity of the Africans pass through two major failures: the failure of the CFA and the neutralization of imaginary boundaries created by the colonizers. The African countries of the CFA zone will never know, I repeat never know development as long as they remain slaves of the CFA. We will always be dreamers of development if we continue to leave to France our monetary sovereignty. In fact France did not force an African country to stay in this CFA relationship, it is because of a lack of boldness that African leaders prefer to remain slaves more than to be free. We'll see GHANA emerge and we will contemplate. Our poverty will go from bad to worse to the point where there will come a day when we will regret the independence in 1960. We have forgotten that no country develops with the currency of another. Some questions must be asked of the great African economists of CFA Zone: Why do you leave our country with the alienating CFA? Do you really know the CFA? Who benefits from it? Are you proud?


The scourge that kills and humiliates Africa is its aid policy, the policy of the outstretched hand. Someone said that Africa is a chain of outstretched hands; the sons outstretch hands to parents, parents to the state, the state to donors. Africa has become after 50 years of independence the territory where begging is built into a system of political management. In all, Africa has to call for its financial partners. I'm ashamed and I think most worthy sons and daughters of Africa are experiencing the same sense of shame over our profession of beggars. We act exactly like people to whom crumbs are thrown with insults and beatings with sticks on their heads and who continue to outstretch hand because they are not able to take care of themselves. The pan-Africanist SEKOU TOURE said "aid that does not help rid off the aid is not aid" and Thomas Sankara said "aid blocks and installs us in the outhouse." But it seems these days that help is so sweet that nobody wants to leave is. In fact diabetes, caused by sweet, because its sinking into underdevelopment. Let us be ashamed by of our deadly addiction. How can we sleep on gold mines and beg? How can you be so rich and beg? How can we continue to receive blows and insults from the donor and be proud of it? Madam the Commissioner for Human Rights, Emma Bonino, said in an interview in Liberation, 22 September 1998 Page 8 (AGBOHOU, 1999)

"Today we have supportive relationships with states (African) who are beggars on the international scene, we pay for their schools, their hospitals and their infrastructure ... I think we have made the mourning of colonization and neo-colonialism. So we should stop hiding behind a desire for independence which is only rhetoric (speech). It is unacceptable that those who receive our help are finicky nationalists only when it comes to universal norms and values while the same are not embarrassed to charge their budgets for education or health on us. "

Africa must die of shame if the meaning of the insult is deeply understood. Unfortunately, like pigs, even if we are thrown the crumbs to the face, we begin to swallow it greedily despite blows or verbal abuse. But let us stop, in fact who is helping who? It is Africa that is sucked and pumped everyday, and crumbs are returned to it accompanied by insults and arrogance on the pretext that they are helping it and we gratefully nod to our landlord. We are really blind and deaf; we are unable to see our wealth, unable to hear their sounds. When will the dependency of Africa end? With o more wait, let us break with our policy of aid and dependency and open our eyes on what is our wealth and value it and very soon, we will be the donor of the others. Africa does not need help; she needs the awakening of the genius of his patriot sons and their commitment to change the course of its lacklustre history. Are you aware of the drama that we live each day? I am and that is why I am committed to fighting for my Africa, it is unacceptable for me to be witness to our common history and remain without real and especially tangible actions.

The twenty breaks which I invite you to share seethe in my heart and I hope that the same is true for each of you my readers. I have many things to say and write again, I will sooner or later do it. For now let us achieve these twenty breaks and things will fundamentally change, and our people will be proud. This Sunday, December 19, 2010 as I am completing this twentieth break, my heart is totally sad for what is happening in Ivory Coast. Africa must work to find solutions to crisis problems. We do not need the influence of all forces in the world to solve our problems. I hate war because this dirty and disgusting situation always ends with a meeting of peace where the protagonists shake hands, kiss and make peace. But poor people have lost their life in the conflict. Why shouldn’t the two camps be able to meet and agree for the happiness of the Ivory Coast? Better peace with the failure of a candidate then war with the victory for two candidates. In the first case it is Ivory Coast that earns while in the second case it will be total lost. What is happening today in Côte d'Ivoire allows me to say that the future of Africa is at stake. WHEN AN AFRICA FREE AND CAPABLE OF CHOICE? Today is Ivory Coast that is burning; tomorrow which African country will it be? When are we going to be mature, responsible and trustworthy? Africa is burning because of flames due to political religious or partisan interests. Things will change from the day we will really love our Africa often stabbed by predators and infested and eaten from inside by sons and daughters under the influence of the colonizers and neo-colonizers. This is simply unworthy of us, Africans.
I want to add that the genocide which gets ready in Ivory Coast should not take place, Africans and Africans, let us stop this massacre which gets ready underhandedly. So never you African Presidents, African People of inside and of outside, if we let genocide come true in Ivory Coast, we will be considered to be cowards and unworthy by our generations to come. If we are ripe Africans, we must make everything to avoid the genocide which is getting ready in Ivory Coast. We want to give a nice occasion to the sellers of weapon to make big business figures. By our silence and our resignation, we want to set Western Africa ablaze to get stuck completely into misery. The war scenario which gets ready in Ivory Coast is against Africa and it is necessary to say it openly. I declare that if we let make, we indeed lost the humanity in us. The destiny of Africa depends on us and on no Occident.  

But we cannot make development in an ambience of national dissension. And that is why we would like to call the Beninese as the Ivory Coast people and the Africans in general to organize a national conference for development to create a compass in a national understanding for development. Without such prospective vision, we will be in a perpetual resumption and we will late become aware of our collective failure to build the future of our nations on Western models, we must invent our development way. But since our three fundamental troubles are myopia, deafness and ignorance, we will take time to become aware. However youth is ahead of the elder with a vision made dark, I count on this nice Beninese, of the Ivory Coast and African youth. The realization can be collective only when we will give an occasion for a national understanding on our common destiny.


I salute the Beninese for the success of the national conference of the vivid forces of Benin in February 1990. But twenty years after this famous and memorable conference, I consider very important, very urgent and very relevant the organization of the national conference for the development of Benin. Why? We chose the Western-style democracy; it will not promote the rapid development of our country. Westerners were not developed with this type of democracy, we advocate the construction of two blocks facing each other: and the opposition movement. Let us Africanise our democracy and be creative. Stop the process of copying and pasting. For rapid development of Benin, we need all the forces of the nation. And to successfully implement all these strengths to benefit the country's progress, we must create a situation of national understanding. Facing the deleterious political and economy situation of Benin, the best way out is to organize the national conference for the development of Benin. We must go to this conference to discuss the future of Benin, stop believing that a messianic president ever happens to develop Benin. The solemn act of the conference is the realization of the Master Plan for Development of Benin (MPDB/ SDDB) with the creation of the Institution of Management, Defence and Evaluation (IMDE/ IGDE) of (MPDB/ SDDB). The (MPDB/ SDDB) be incorporated into the national constitution of Benin. Each presidential candidate must write his vision of society in this (MPDB/ SDDB), no candidate will come with his or her personal and unilateral plan, the collective project is to be implemented by the President of the Republic. And every time he leave the path, the institution (IMDE/ IGDE) will take him back to reason. We will progress at a very high speed. If we close our ears to this call, we crash into a black opaque blinded Benin for a long time. The time now is well signposted as our experience of 20 years of real democracy without development, and especially our situation of national division must convince us of the need to quickly organize the conference for our development. It is also the perfect opportunity for us to meet to revise the constitution also contains serious flaws to correct. Stop believing that the politics as it is done today will help our development, it is an illusion. My wish is that there is a large national mobilization before and after elections in March 2011 for organizing this national conference on development in Benin. My unfortunate conclusion is that each Benin leader thinks about he or she may be the messiah to develop with his wand the country's bluff. Sooner or later you will agree with me that only a national agreement will save our country, Benin. Many people want my candidacy in March 2011 to decide between the candidates and reorganize Benin and my answer is simple, we do not need a messiah, we need all of us and my political philosophy is clear: to be a candidate, he must prepare in five years and a character like me should have met his government team three years before the election to form its competence capable to conduct the affairs of the country for its development. A government development will consist of 12 to 18 ministers and councils of ministers will be held Sunday at 15 hours, no minister will be in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, all must be on the field, and there will be a single Minister responsible for both agriculture, industry and commerce, he must be equipped with a helicopter to fly over Benin at any time. This is not the time to unveil my fully big dream for Benin, we have a future and there's no hurry. The most important is the organization of the conference for the development of Benin, without which, we still go astray for a long time. A patriot, should, like me swear to tell the truth and the truth is organization this conference beneficial for Benin. Otherwise, we run not only to an unknown destination but also to a danger and that danger is the development of widespread misunderstanding between our leaders who seem to turn back to themselves now. To build the house that GBEHANZIN has left, bruised with grief, we must hear one another and seat around a table. Let us be numerous to ask the conference and create a circle of reflection. For any contact, you can contact Antoine KANLINTA, chief of staff Valentin AGON at:

Phone: (229) 90903325 and email:



After my call for break, I beg you to accompany me in my following commitment:


To promote APIPALU, let us make of APIPALU the geographical indication of Benin and Africa. When you think of Benin, think APIPALU, the African solution efficient in the treating of malaria that decimated every day 3,000 children under 5 in Africa. Help me promote APIPALU across Africa (I am not asking for financial assistance). Please visit:

2 - Africa-Emergence

Africa-Emergence is for discussions on development in Benin and Africa. Indeed, Africa-Emergence is my expertise firm, analysis and action in development strategy, that's where I produce the reflections and analysis contained in this letter and my book entitled "Why and how to build the United States of Africa? Why Africa lags behind its development? "  you can download for free at:

Refer this book and this letter to everyone.

3 - Industrialised BENIN SA

Following the break-up of the ICC case, we ended our idea of foundation to raise 1,000 francs per month, this voluntary fund should finance the industrial development of Benin, but the context there is more favourable. However, strong in our resolve and resilience, I propose the creation of a limited company with a capital of one hundred million FCFA for the name to Benin SA industrial enterprises that will create changes in our resources across Benin. Inquire about this on my personal site:

4 - The University College of Design and Innovation (SITC)

In this letter, I criticized our education system that produces people incapable of creating, and to try to remedy the situation I suggest the installing of a university where I will convene craft trades people, engineers, doctors, students, and we will set creativity by doing crafts through do-it-yourself  DIY. DIY is what make  you become expert. The university will work with all schools and universities in Benin. The circle-CRIADI Africa (Reflection Circle, Invention and Action for Industrial Development of Africa) I am the originator, will be the pool of researchers and inventors who work with the SITC. For more information, please visit my personal website:

5 - The Pan African Movement for Development Policy (MPPD)

Doing politics differently, teach the next generation the politics development this will be the mission of this movement that we will launch in the coming days to bring the people of the distraction of partisan politics in order to initiate the development of Benin in Pan-African context. We will educate people to development, work, order and discipline. From our local communities to the highest levels of power, we must have an undeniable influence and decision-making to positively influence the development of Benin and Africa. For more information, please visit my personal website:

6 - The Destiny Foundation of Africa

I chair the pan-African foundation to encourage patriotism, unity, independence, sovereignty and development of Africa. We yearly hold week of development and the African Pride (2, 3 and 4 November) during which experts from across Africa will hold conferences on development and promotion of values of Benin and the Africa. The creations of students from University College Creations and Inventions shall be disclosed and welcomed. Large figures will be the rendezvous of youth, we have the son and daughters of the great minds of Africa such as Lumumba, Nkrumah, Sankara, etc.. The foundation will give a prize to encourage development in Benin and Africa. And for that, with the support of the promotion by the company APIPALU APIBENIN International Ltd., will distribute 20 awards each year, Nov. 4, each prize is worth 500,000 francs CFA. To distribute 10 million Beninese, Africans and to encourage, promote local values, dope and engage citizens in Competing for development, is a great pride for me and my staff at APIBENIN. We experienced a jury composed of men and women of value. Prices are as follows:

1.      Award King GBEHANZIN first Prize of patriotism (He fought with determination and tenacity against slavery what systemic colonization, he delivered himself and he was deported and died far from his homeland that he defended. It remains the GREAT PATRIOT and African national reference). The price will always be delivered by the present King on the throne of  GBEHANZIN;

2.      Award King Bio Guerra, second prize of patriotism (He fiercely fought against the colonial system, he was arrested and beheaded in public, it is an unforgettable GREAT PATRIOT);

3.  Award King Saka Yérouma, third prize of patriotism (He was defending our common ground against the Spaniards to death with weapons in hand);

4. Award King TOFF 1, prize of the Best tolerant of the year (remains the tolerant monarch of our country).

5. Award KWAME NKRUMAH, the unit prize of Africa (He remains an ardent defender of the unity of Africa, his speech of May 24, 1963 in Addis Ababa that transformed SANKARA is bracing for Africa , speeches downloadable audio format, and writes on the site for;

6. Award Patrice Lumumba, the Prize of African independence (From holistic vision for the development of Africa, it remains the leading statesman sacrificed for the independence of Africa, the first African slain because he simply asserted his independence);

7. The Price King Ghézo, Prize of agricultural development (HE is the King developer of agriculture of our country);
a. Option: Production of a given sector

b. Option: Best New palm plantation of the year

c. Option: Improved existing palm plantation of the year

10. The Price Thomas Sankara, Prize of Industrial Development of Africa (he said, "Let us produce what we consume, and consume what we produce;

11. Nelson Mandela Award, Award of the Culture of Peace in Africa;

12. The Archbishop Isidore de Souza Award, Research and the culture of consensus in Benin Award (Thanks to him, the national conference was a success in Benin in 1990);

13. Special Prize API-BENIN, Award for Innovation of the year in Benin (health, economics, etc.).

14. Award Albert TEVOEDJRE, prize for best young entrepreneurship initiative of the year (Thanks to his intervention and support, our initiative has been a major);

15. Award Honorat AGUESSY, award for best promotion of endogenous values (true Pan-Africanist, he has only one concern: to promote African values in continental unity);

16. CARLOS Jerome Award, award for best communication for development of the year (It remains the national benchmark in communications to bring profound change to the socio-cultural development);

17. Award Mansourou Moudachirou, prize for best academic and useful research of the year (He is the lecturer under whose supervision the first APIPALU studies were made);

18. The
Award Amazon of the year, prize of the brave Benin women of the year (which was distinguished by her work and her fight for freedom or for development or for the empowerment of women etc.).

19. The
Award best politician of the year, man or woman, politician in the development;

20. The Award of Sustainable Development Award to be given to one who will better respected or more protected environment.

NB: Please try hard to deserve these awards, I rely on your sense of patriotism. The amount is only 500 thousand CFA francs per Award , but the value embodied in each prize is priceless.

Would you join me in one of my initiatives? Write me at: Valentin Agon, 10 BP 546, COTONOU-BENIN Houéyiho or through mail: or call: 21320011 or 90903325 or go to one of the shops and APIBENIN ask to connect with Antoine KANLINTA, chief of staff Valentin at AGON mail: For more information visit my personal website:











Dear beloved brothers and sisters of Benin and of Africa, I sent you through these few lines the essence of patriotic fire that consumes me for my country, Benin and my continent, Africa, you have heard my heart shout. This shout will resound throughout the 50 years that we have just begun. Their shout is not only listened to, but we individually and collectively transformed it in war shout against the underdevelopment of Benin and of Africa as a whole. And let me say that I sincerely love our country and our continent and you have to love the its like me so that together we went out of underdevelopment that we and our children and our future generations do not deserve. Stop for a moment and think. Thank you. Remember that I love you; I fight for all of you.

I am very proud to be African and I would say all my gratitude to all my brothers and sisters in general and Africans Beninese in particular for all their support in various ways and the warm welcome that you all have always reserved to my revolutionary speeches.

I say THANK YOU to the authorities at various levels in Benin and in particular the Government of Benin led by the President of the Republic for all the support I received at any time through the Mediator, ministers, President advisors and government officials at various levels. THANK YOU!

I say THANK YOU to all state institutions of my country, I always had a warm welcome everywhere, I'm proud of you, my brothers and sisters.

I sincerely say THANK YOU to all pharmacists in Benin and Africa for the marketing of API-PALU, THANK YOU to all men and women specialist in health in Benin, particularly THANKS to management of pharmacies, the order of the physician and the coordinator of the national pharmacopoeia.

I say THANK YOU to my Heroes Professors TEVOEDJRE, AGUESSSY, Moudachirou and CARLOS.

I say THANK YOU to all of you young people because your messages, your words, your moral support, etc.. encourage me to continue my struggle for development. Be assured, I will never betray you, my big concern is that many of you engage in the creation so that together we change the course of our history, we have only one life on this earth and if we spoil it, we can not catch up. We shall overcome underdevelopment, that's for sure!

I say thank you especially to actors of academia, I am your product and as they say it's on the old rope that we tie the new one, my struggle is to change through in practice all the theoretical wealth that you sacrifice to give us.

I say THANK YOU radio stations and television in Benin for the frank and genuine partnership forged with the media, I will never forget my journalist friends who are really my strong contributors. Special thanks to Ozias SOUNOUVOU the professional reporter of my activities around the world. Tanks to ORTB for always being available for me.

I say THANK YOU to all of you from near and far who read my writings and hear my speech, you who visit my personal and professional sites.

I say THANK YOU to all my widening team and particularly to my colleagues at various levels, my secretary and my using hourly KANLINTA Anthony with whom I spend sleepless nights in the office.

THANKS to everyone, THANK YOU to all those whom we could not mention names, I'm proud of you.

Please read to the end of this long letter my dream and my poem.

Cheers Benin!






Long live Africa!

Cheers for the development of Africa!

Patriotically, your brother

Valentin  AGON

Commander of the National Order of Benin.

Double gold medals in Switzerland and other major awards.







I have a dream, A BIG DREAM, being an eyewitness to the emergence of the continent, becoming a single nation, the United States of Africa.

My dream is to live in an Africa that is no longer designated by poverty, insecurity, weakness, begging, addiction, waitingness, eternal assistance, the africophagie, preca-culture wars, conflict, division and the evils that have always characterized us.

My dream is to see that Africa from Cairo to Johannesburg filled with various transforming industries and enhancing Africa's resources, creating added value to the point where we will provide work for unemployed expatriates.

My dream is to see the Sahara desert to become green, flourish, becoming a place of production of food and there will no more be this ocean of scary and unnecessary sand. Africa is capable of! Africans, we can do!

I have to insult myself if I have cow dung in my skull boots, so as an expert in development strategy and especially as a native of so rich a continent in valuable resources for its development but which, because of ignorance, is swimming and floundering in a sea of poverty that drowns every day many of us, I prefer keeping quite on the pretext of being afraid of who I am or what I do know. Let Africa breaks the chains of fear. Let us take the risk to be ourselves. Without daring to brave all obstacles, we will always to square off for our progress. I persist, I accept with all my energy and I sign all my statements contained in this document are only the tip of the iceberg that is my thoughts about my country the United States of Africa. This is my modest contribution to the construction of our future political, social, economic, cultural, etc.. Still, the whole of Africa, with his sons of inside and outside, with the Diaspora, really committed to make every effort to achieve our ultimate and noble purpose: the United States of Africa, Our next area for development. It takes determination, ambition, boldness, courage, patriotism, a strong desire committed to overcome all obstacles, a strong mind, a spirit of self-sacrifice and especially the faith in ourselves to start and succeed in the socio-politico-economic and cultural development of our beloved Africa. Let us dare and positively respond to this call to mind the duty of daring to be ourselves. Let us dare to write the best story of Africa. Let us DARE!



Poem: Oh Africa our homeland!

 Africa, once you have the opportunity to stand up for yourself;

 Dare to stand up for yourself!

 Dare to take your destiny!

You're unique whenever plural;

Be sovereign, to be and no more forthcoming;

This is your fate, tear it out and you shall prosper;

Your daughters, son of past and present only aspire to that;

Ceases to be afraid;

Ceases to be the footstool of others;

Ceases to be fed like a baby;

Stop eating the other dishes;

Ceases to act as proxy;

Ceases to beg, you sleep on deposits wealth blank;

Ceases begging for you have everything and you do not know;

Stop eating the flesh of your son and drinking their blood in wars shameful;

Ceases to be a witness for the wandering son who did of your house  refugee camps;

Ceases to be held hostage to others;

Ceases to be the hostage of yourself, hostage to some of your sons;

Ceases to be ignorant because ignorance is what characterizes you on this planet

where the fight against this phenomenon is the only way to succeed;

Ceases to bend under the weight of disease, poverty, precariousness growing, divisions shameful abominations that are committed every day;

Ceases to be a jungle where the strong crush the weak, where the richest trample on the poorest;

Ceases to be the virgin forest, where looting taking place every day;

Ceases to be a land of despair for your son;

Ceases to attend the daily death of your youth on the outskirts of the West;

Wake up and be yourself;

Get out of the schema of the colonizer;

Set your identity and defend it;

That is our common destiny, Africa!

                                            Valentin AGON







































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